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Tainted Blood

Author: Mary Ann Mitchell
Genre: Horror
Reviewed by Kim Richards

573If you've read Ms. Mitchell's earlier works involving the vampire, Marquis de Sade, you'll find some familiar characters in Tainted Blood. Sade's presence serves more the role of a catalyst for the story than you might expect from a former main character.

The real story here is that of the Hughes family: the not-so-normal nuclear family consisting of the father, mother, daughter and two sons; all of whom are vampires. Things happen in their house which would make the neighbors shudder, if they knew. There are bodies beneath the house, siblings killing siblings, parents killing children, neighbor children turning into vampires, body stealing, and lots of innuendo which occasionally bursts into scenes of sex.

The one thing which disappointed me involved an interesting character named Babette. Her blood, for which the book is named, turns her into a vampire destroyer because it reacts like a poison. I wish she'd played a greater role than that of temptress to Sade. I found her the most intriguing thing of the entire story.

This book is an easy read so if you like vampire stories, give Tainted Blood a try.


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